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Flowtron Mosquito PowerTraps mimic humans by generating heat, moisture and carbon dioxide - the most irresistible attractants to mosquitoes and biting flies. The PowerTrap then adds Octenol, a proven mosquito lure which, when combined with carbon dioxide, further enhances the attraction for mosquitoes and biting flies.

As the mosquitoes approach the Power Trap a vacuum action pulls the biting insect pests inside and deposits them on a removable collection tray where they dehydrate and die for fast, clean and easy disposal.

BK Models use Octenoland high-intensity Ultraviolet Light to lure these light-seeking insects through an outer protective enclosure where they then make contact with an electro-statically charged killing grid and are then quickly eliminated. Dead insects fall to the ground and become clean feed for birds and animals.

FC Models use fly attractant (Pheromone) and Black Light to attract flies and other flying insects into a safe electronic grid where they are eliminated.Ideal for restaurants, food processing plants, retail food stores, meat-packing plants, hospitals, barns, stables or wherever flies are at threat to health, sanitation codes, and where the use of toxic chemicals is dangerous, undesirable or banned.

Flowtron Power TrapDiplomat Fly Control DeviceDiplomat Fly Control DeviceGalaxie Mosquito Trap
Flowtron Power Trap
- MT-250

Outdoor Use Mosquitoes and Flies
Diplomat Fly Control Device
- FC-7600

For Indoor Use
Diplomat Fly Control Device
- FC-8800

For Outdoor Use
Galaxie Mosquito Trap
- PV-75A

Indoor/Outdoor for Mosquitoes
Electronic Insect Killer - 1/2 AcreElectronic Insect Killer - 1 AcreElectronic Insect Killer - 1 1/2 Acre
Electronic Insect Killer
Protects 1/2 Acre
- BK-15

For Outdoor Use on Mosquitoes
Electronic Insect Killer
Protects 1 Acre
- BK-40

For Outdoor Use on Mosquitoes
Electronic Insect Killer
Protects 1 1/2 Acre
- BK-80

For Outdoor Use on Mosquitoes

Insect Attractants

For effective control and elimination of flying insect pest they must come in contact with an effective killing system. An effective attractant draws the mosquitoes away from their humans and lures them to the insect killers. Environmentally safe and scientifically proven products used for attracting the mosquitoes include Octenol (Ghana EPA approved), high-intensity ultraviolet light, and Pheromone with Black light (for flies).

Scientific research has proven Octenol is an effective, safe, and environmentally friendly mosquito attractant. Medical Insights in collaboration with Flowtron has received Ghana EPA approval for use of Octenol. Atlantic company (Ghana distributor) and Medical Insights is the only company in Ghana approved by the EPA for the sale and use of this product.

The Pheromone Fly Attractant acts by releasing a safe sex hormone attractant that lures flies to the killing device.

BK-15 light replacement
- BF-35

BK Replacement Bulb
BK-40 light replacement
- BF-175

BK Replacement Bulb
BK-80 & FC-7600 light replacement
- BF-150

BK & FC Replacement Bulb
FC-8800 light replacement
- BF-130

FC Replacement Bulb
Octenol Mosquito AttractantPheromone Fly Attractant
Octenol Mosquito Attractant
- MA-1000
Pheromone Fly Attractant
- FA-5000

Insect Repellents

Mosquitoes are attracted to humans by the warm, moist air (carbon dioxide- CO2) we exhale. The naturally occurring oil (Citornella) obtained from the leaves of plants produces a fragrance that masks these human mosquito attractants.

Citronella DispenserCitronella Dispenser Replacement Cartridges
Citronella Dispenser
- FD-15

Outdoor Insect Repellant
Citronella Dispenser Replacement Cartridges
- CC-1

Replacement for FD-15